Welcome to JEDs Island Resort

Location: Calumpit Bulacan
Last Update: February, 21 2009

What is now Jed's Island Resort, located along McArthur Highway, Calumpit, Bulacan, started out as the private resthouse of a native of Apalit, Pampanga. Then consisting mainly of a native cottage and one swimming pool, the property covered only a few hundred square meters, until engineering development started in 1994 to see the construction of nine other swimming pools, deluxe air-conditioned and open native cottages, a must-photograph hanging bridge, a stylized waterfall, and several private or jacuzzi islands.

Main Office
Tel. Nos.
(044) 202-5320
(044) 675-1652

Quezon City
Tel. Nos.
(02) 711-7265
(02) 741-4480

Website: http://www.jedsisland.com

Swimming Pools

Four Private Pools For Exclusive Swimmers

- 100-person simultaneous swimming capacity
- 1 overhead fountain
- Exclusive stairs and locked gate
- 2 slides
- 3 feet shallow end, 5 feet deep end

One Community Pool

- 100-person simultaneous swimming
- 2 slides with proposals for 3 more
- 2 overhead fountains
- 4 feet shallow end, 7 feet deep end

One Diving Pool For Expert Swimmers

- With diving board
- 50-person simultaneous swimming capacity
- 15 feet deep end

One Olympic-Sized Swimming Pool

- 250-person simultaneous swimming capacity
- 8 slides
- 4 overhead fountains
- 1 free-flowing waterfall corner pool
- 2 feet shallow end, 6 six deep end

One Wading Pool Area

- Attached to Community Pool
- 50-person wading capacity

Three Kiddie Pools

- 100-children simultaneous swimming capacity each
- 3 slides
- 1 overhead fountain
- 2 feet flat

Location Address

McArthur Highway, Gatbuca, Calumpit
3003 Bulacan, Philippines


JEDs Island Resort Location Map